Saturday, October 13, 2007

We own the night - oh Eva!

Saw a movie today - We Own The Night. Started off like the Godfather (actually a bit like an A-class porn film, what with Eva Mendez flaunting her hoo hoos). And then, the movie became an Indian family epic!

Spoiler below......

One of my favorite Tamil movies, Agni Natchatram, has an amazing storyline. Brothers on either side of the law, and a father who dies halfway. Mani Rathnam brings the brothers back together in true Tamil movie fashion in the end, with the real bad guy handing his pail in as just retribution for daddy's death. Seems like the DVD made it to Hollywood.

WOTN is decent in parts, thanks largely to Eva, and a stellar performance from Duvall (who unfortunately dies way too early, bringing the acting talent average down rather rapidly). But Wahlberg doesn't talk much - an assassin's bullet parted his lower jaw from its moorings early in the movie, and Phoenix doesn't act much. All in all, a let down. Except for Eva :)


msp said...

A couple of 'slight' points about one of your allegedly favourite Tamil flicks

1)The bad guy is merely arrested.
2) The father lives on tirelessly beyond the halfway mark. In fact, even when the whole world thinks the fellow has finally called it quits, he adamantly makes an appearance in one of the last scenes - breaking in like a killjoy when there were two families shouting in unison: "No Viswanathan...enjOy !"

kaushik said...

The dad in Agni Natchathiram did not die.